Sinev A.Yu.1, Kotov A.A.2, Vam Damme K.3 2005. Morphology of a Neotropical cladoceran Alona dentifera (Sars, 1901), and its position within the Chydoridae Stebbing, 1902 (Branchiopoda: Anomopoda) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.13 (for 2004). No.3: 99–107 [in English].

1 Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Biological Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Vorobievy Gory, Moscow 119899 Russia. E-mail:

2 A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Leninsky Prospect 33, Moscow 119071 Russia.

3 Institute of Ecology, The State University of Ghent, K. L. Ledeganckstraat 35, Ghent B-9000 Belgium. E-mail:

ABSTRACT. The morphology of a Neotropical anomopod, Alonella dentifera Sars, 1901, was studied in detail. Our investigation of the trunk limb morphology and the head pores in this species revealed that it belongs to the subfamily Aloninae Dybowski & Grochowski, 1894 emend. Frey, 1967, instead of Chydorinae Stebbing, 1902, as it was presumed by many previous authors. As a result, we transfer this species to the genus Alona Baird, 1843. We also found that another Neotropical taxon, Alonella brasiliensis Bergamin, 1935 is a junior synonym of A. dentifera. This species has several outstanding characters, i.e., it is a sole species of Aloninae lacking both major and lateral head pores. A preliminary position of Alona dentifera (Sars, 1901) within the subfamily is discussed.

KEY WORDS: Cladocera, Chydoridae, Alona, morphology, redescription, systematics, Neotropics.

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