Russian Entomological Journal, ISSN 0132-8069

The open-access, peer-reviewed journal is published mostly in English. It emphasizes the morphology, taxonomy, zoogeography, evolution and development of insects, both recent and fossil, as well as plant protection problems.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. K.G. Mikhailov (Moscow, Russia). Editorial Board: Dr. A.V. Antropov (Moscow, Russia), Dr. V.E. Gokhman (Moscow, Russia), Prof. R.D. Zhantiev (Moscow, Russia), Dr. G.Yu. Lyubarsky (Moscow, Russia), Dr. K.V. Makarov (Moscow, Russia), Dr. A.V. Matalin (Moscow, Russia), Dr. L.N. Medvedev (Moscow, Russia), Dr. A.L. Ozerov (Moscow, Russia), Prof. A.P. Rasnitsyn (Moscow, Russia), Prof. J. Serrano (Murcia, Spain), Dr. A.V. Sviridov (Moscow, Russia), Dr. S. Venn (Helsinki, Finland).

The journal is issued in two numbers in 1992, bimonthly in 1993 and quarterly since 1994.

Actias, Russian Journal of Scientific Lepidopterology (ISSN 0132-8050) has been published in two volumes in 1994–1996 and later joined with R.E.J.

R.E.J. is reviewed by BIOSIS Previews, Zoological Record, CAB International, and VINITI. The journal's impact factor from Scopus is 0.358; the current Scimago Journal Rank for 2017 is 0.26 (Q3), for 2019 - 0.38 (Q3), for 2020 - 0.49 (Q2).

Archiving: Russian State Library, Russian Book Chamber, Moscow University Library, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Science Citation Index (eLibrary).

Russian Entomological Journal publications are free of charge, except for colour illustrations.

If you wish to subscribe, please contact before payment:

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