Acarina ISSN 0132-8077

The open-access, peer-reviewed journal is published in English. It emphasizes the morphology, taxonomy, zoogeography, evolution and development of ticks and mites, both recent and fossil, as well as plant protection problems.

Editor-in-Chief: O.V. Voltzit (Moscow, Russia).

Associate Editors: A.V. Bochkov (St.-Petersburg, Russia), P.B. Klimov (USA).

Consulting Editors: S.V. Mironov (St.-Petersburg, Russia), A.V. Tolstikov (Tyumen, Russia).

Advisory Board: G. Alberti (Germany), H.M. Andre (Belgium), V.N. Belozerov (St.-Petersburg, Russia), J. Dabert (Poland), H.V. Dubinina (St.-Petersburg, Russia), F. Dusbábek (Czech Republic), F. Faraji (The Netherlands), A.A. Khaustov (Ukraine), G.W. Krantz (USA), R.A. Norton (USA), B.M. OConnor (USA), J.H. Oliver, Jr. (USA), H. Proctor (Canada), A.B. Shatrov (St.-Petersburg, Russia), D. Walter (Canada), G. Wauthy (Belgium), C. Welbourn (USA).

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The journal is issued in two numbers since 1993. Indexed by Scopus; reviewed by Zoological Record, CAB International, and VINITI.

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