Marin I.N.1, Britayev T.A.1, Anker A.2 2005. Pontonine shrimps associated with cnidarians: new records and list of species from coastal waters of Viet Nam // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.13 (for 2004). No.4: 199–218 [in English].

1 A.N. Severtzov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Leninsky prosp., 33, Moscow 117071 Russia.

2 Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada T6G 2E1.

ABSTRACT. In the paper, the descriptions of 10 species of cnidarian-associated pontoniine shrimps, new for the fauna of Viet Nam, are given. Coralliocaris nudirostris and Philarius lifuensis are apparently associated with acroporid corals, and Harpiliopsis spinigera is associated with pocilloporid corals. Palaemonella rotumama are found on both acroporid and pocilloporid corals. Three species of the genus Periclimenes, P. elegans, P. ornatus and P. magnificus, are associated with the anemones: the first species with Heteractis crispa and Actinodendron sp, the second with Heteractis crispa and the third with burrowing Macrodactyla sp. and Cerianthus sp. Three Periclimenaeus species (P. hecate, P. rhodope and P. quadridentatus) were also collected from corals, but it is considered that they are symbionts of the sponges and tunicates attached to coral colonies. Consequently, the fauna of Viet Nam is updated to 20 species of pontoniine shrimps associated with scleractinian corals and 5 species with sea anemones. A review of the known data on the associations of pontoniine shrimps with Cnidaria in Viet Nam is also presented.

KEY WORDS: fauna, shrimps, Pontoniinae, Viet Nam, symbionts, cnidarian-associated.

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