Logunov D.V. 2012. A synopsis of the genus Zyuzicosa Logunov, 2010 (Aranei: Lycosidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.21. No.4: 349–362 [in English].

The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK. E-mail: dpavuk@ngs.ru

KEY WORDS: Central Asia, spiders, Aranei, Lycosidae, Zyuzicosa, identification key, new species.

ABSTRACT. The paper presents a synopsis of and identification key to 10 species of the genus Zyuzicosa Logunov, 2010. Two species are described as new: Zyuzicosa kopetdaghensis sp.n. (?; Turkmenistan, SW Kopetdagh Mts) and Z. nessovi sp.n. (??; Kyrghyzstan, Dzhalal-Abad Region). The previously unknown males are described for two species: Z. laetabunda (Spassky, 1941) and Z. nenjukovi (Spassky, 1952). Two new combinations are proposed: Zyuzicosa nenjukovi (Spassky, 1952), comb.n., ex. Tarentula; and Trochosa altera (Roewer, 1955) comb.n., ex Geolycosa. The distribution of Zyuzicosa is clarified on the basis of newly studied material. New locality records are provided for Z. fulviventris, Z. laetabunda, Z. nenjukovi and Z. turlanica.

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