Siliwal M.1, Suresh Kumar R.2, Raven R.3 2014. A new species of  Atypus Latreille, 1804 (Araneae: Atypidae) from Northern India // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.23. No.2: 221–224 [in English].

1 Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society, 96 Kumudham Nagar, Villankurichi Road, Coimbatore 641035, Tamil Nadu, India. E-mail:

2 Wildlife Institute of India, Post Box. 18, Chandrabani, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. E-mail:

3 Queensland Museum, Grey Street, PO Box 3300, South Brisbane, 4101, Queensland, Australia. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Mygalomorphae, new species, taxonomy, Dehradun.

ABSTRACT. Atypus wii sp.n. (?), the second Indian representative of the genus, is described from Uttarakhand. The new species differs from A. sutherlandi Chennappaiya, 1935, the only Indian congener known hitherto, by carapace, chelicerae and legs being brown and darker in colour; longer scutum; embolus as long as the conductor and not exceeding beyond conductor length and spines present on all metatarsi and tarsi II–IV.

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