Uddström A.1, Rinne V.2 2014. A pseudoscorpion species new to Finland and an updated checklist (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.23. No.2: 225–226 [in English].

1 Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Environment Centre, P.O. Box 140, FI-00260 Helsinki, Finland. E-mail: annika.uddstrom@ymparisto.fi

2 Zoological Museum, University of Turku, FI-20014 Turku, Finland. E-mail: veikko.rinne@utu.fi

KEY WORDS: False scorpions, new record, northern Europe.

ABSTRACT. Microbisium suecicum Lohmander, 1945 is reported from Finland for the first time. The characters that distinguish it from the closely related M. brevifemoratum (Ellingsen, 1903) are given. A checklist of the 17 species of Finnish pseudoscorpions is presented. A brief history of research on pseudoscorpions in Finland is also presented.

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