Tanasevitch A.V.1, Ponomarev A.V.2 2015. A new Gongylidiellum Simon, 1884 from the western Caucasus (Arachnida: Aranei: Linyphiidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.24. No.1: 113–116 [in English].

1 Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky prospect, 33, Moscow 119071, Russia. E-mail: tanasevitch@gmail.com

2 Institute of Arid Zones, Southern Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chekhov str., 41, Rostov-on-Don 344006, Russia. E-mail: ponomarev1952@mail.ru

KEY WORDS: spiders, Caucasus Major, new species, spider distribution.

ABSTRACT. A new species, Gongylidiellum caucasicum sp.n., is described from the Republic of Adygea, Russia, western Caucasus. It is most similar to the Anatolian-Caucasian G. orduense Wunderlich, 1995, but differs well by details of the genitalia in both sexes.

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