Seyfulina R.R. 2017. Contribution to the spider fauna (Arachnida: Aranei) of Russia, new records from Moscow Area // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.26. No.1: 67–76 [in English].

Prioksko-Terrasnyi State Biosphere Reserve, Moscow Region, Danki 142200 Russia. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Aranei, Araneae, Arachnida, fauna, spiders, new records, Moscow Area, Middle Russia, Prioksko-Terrasnyi Nature Reserve.

ABSTRACT. 22 spider species are reported as the first records in Moscow Area (Russia), two of which are new also for the fauna of Middle Russia (Panamomops inconspicuus (Miller et Valesova, 1964)) or for the Russian Federation in general (Pardosa saltans Töpfer-Hofmann, 2000). The mentioned species represent families Araneidae (1 sp.), Dictynidae (1 sp.), Gnaphosidae (2 sp.), Linyphiidae (5 sp.), Liocranidae (3 sp.), Lycosidae (2 sp.), Miturgidae (2 sp.), Salticidae (2 sp.), Theridiidae (1 sp.), and Thomisidae (3 sp.). Comments with species distribution and early records from the country, as well as taxonomical and biological notes are attached to the list.

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