Esyunin S.L. 2017. New data on Aituaria pontica (Spassky, 1932) (Aranei: Nesticidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.26. No.3: 241–243 [in English].

Perm State University, Bukireva Street 15, Perm, Russia, 614600. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: cave cobweb spiders, Aituaria, distribution, new synonym.

ABSTRACT. The genus Aituaria Esyunin et Efimik, 1998 is redefined as monotypic. It is close to the predominantly Caucasian borutzkyi species group of the genus Carpathonesticus Lehtinen et Saaristo, 1980, but can easily be distinguished from it by the broad, ribbon-shaped embolus notched at its tip, as compared to the narrow, tapering off embolus in the borutzkyi species group. The species Aituaria nataliae Esyunin et Efimik, 1998 is synonymized with A. pontica (Spassky, 1932). A. pontica is reported from the Middle Urals for the first time, its male palp is illustrated and distributional and ecological data are also summarized.

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