Kolbasov G.A.1, Savchenko A.S.2, Høeg J.T.3 2021. A new species of the Y-larva genus Hansenocaris Itô, 1985 (Crustacea: Thecostraca: Facetotecta) from the Azores, with notes on its morphology and biogeography // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.30. No.3: 341–350 [in English].

1 White Sea Biological Station, Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, Moscow 119899, Russia. E-mail: gakolbasov@gmail.com

2 Invertebrate Zoology Department, Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, 119899, Moscow, Russia. E-mail: as.savchenko1@gmail.com

3 Marine Biology Section, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 4, DK–2100, Copenhagen, Denmark. E-mail: jthoeg@bio.ku.dk

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.30.3.07

ABSTRACT. A new facetotectan species, described herein as Hansenocaris spiridonovi Kolbasov, Savchenko et Høeg sp.n. and based on its cypridiform stage, was found in the plankton off Azores Islands. We employed scanning electron microscopy to document the fine-scale external morphology of this species. We discuss the findings of facetotectan larvae showing cosmopolitan distribution of these crustaceans. The presence of Y-cyprid exuviae in plankton, findings of y-larvae in the deep sea plankton, occurrence in the oceanic plankton, as well as their permanent presence in the tropical waters may evidence on a pelagic host.

KEY WORDS: Facetotecta, Y-cypris, taxonomy, SEM, ultrastructure, distribution.

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